Programs for Youth

"Empower us. Listen to us. Believe us."

"Empower us. Listen to us. Believe us." These are the words of a child who had been caught in the system for SIX years.

Six years is a long time for anyone, especially for a child, who is wondering if he will be able to stay in the custody of his stable, healthy, safe parent, or forced to live with his sexually abusive, mentally ill parent.

No child should stay in the system for so long, especially when there is an obvious right choice that leaves no room for doubt regarding safety and well being.

This can be a difficult time for children and they often feel isolated and alone.

0peration Resolve seeks to empower children through peer support with other children caught in the system or who have face similar situations.

Operation Restore Justice also supports the appropriate empowerment of children through social and relational education done property through professionals and safe adults who care for them.

Teaching children about healthy and unhealthy relationships can help them to recognize patterns in their relationships with others and process trauma. We strongly feel that education coupled with empowerment and support is the key to breaking unhealthy cycles in families.