Parent Empowerment

Often when adults advocate for the safety of abused children, the credibility of those adults are put on trial rather than professions with the power to protect listening to the child, examining applicable evidence, and crafting safe and healthy plans for all those involved.

Those with criminal type behaviors or personality disorders may try a variety of tactics to destroy credibility or put the other person in crisis. These may include:

  • Spreading rumors in the community.

  • Sabotaging the person's business or employment.

  • Fabricating evidence.

  • Destroying support systems.

  • Communicating abstractly then trying to convince the other person that they are crazy if they do not understand (a form of gas-lighting).

  • Using pay to play, custody for cash, or other child trafficking method to retain or get custody of children.

  • Using legal professionals that intentionally prolong cases to "starve the safe parent out" maintain control, punish the protective parent, or keep people in crisis.

  • Vexatious litigation.

  • Other forms of legal and financial abuse.

  • Claiming "alienation" when the child does not want to have a relationship with the abuser.

We also recommend researching Post Separation Abuse.

Information can be found here:

Although we can NOT offer legal advice, many safe parents have been able to craft safe parenting plans with the following:

  • Supervised visits only.

  • Visits only if the child's therapist agrees that these visits will not cause additional harm.

  • The alleged abuser must take parenting classes that will specifically address the care of the child.

  • The alleged abuser must successfully pass a batters intervention program before visits with children are initiated.

  • The alleged abuser must successfully graduate addiction rehab or counseling and provide evidence that they have not used harmful substances for at least one year.

  • Parent exchanges will be done by neutral third parties.

  • Parent exchanges will be done at the police station.

  • Children will be allowed to make a list of visit rules and read them to the parent before visits (this has been impactful, especially if the child reads them in front of a police officer).

  • Sanctions Rule 11.

Please contact your legal or medical counsel for advice on what is best for you.