Child Trafficking Awareness

Custody for Cash

Custody for Cash scandals generally include an abusive or unhealthy parent or other adult paying "professionals" to help them obtain custody of children.

Sometimes these “professionals” will pretend to be doctors, therapists, etc. when they are not licensed in this field. Some may also legitimately have the qualifications to call themselves professionals, but will alter medical, therapeutic, legal, or other documents to favor one party and/or slander another.

Sometimes these scandals may involve racketeering where rings of "custody professionals" will sabotage a case, repress evidence of abuse, and use other tactics to prolong court cases for the purpose of financial gain.

Kids for Cash

This is just one example of how a Kids for Cash Scandal might work:

From the Department of Justice:

"The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is any activity where the child is treated as a commercial and sexual object to be used, sold or traded in exchange for something of value."


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