Our mission is to see families reunited after kidnappings, trafficking, and abuse, aid those who are wrongfully accused victims of predatory prosecution, and stop those who weaponize court and government positions against the best interest of public.

We strive to create a safe and empowering environment for children, elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable adults against exploitations.

We also advocate for safe parenting plans, especially in divorce cases involving domestic violence and/or child abuse and to

build awareness of the various types of trafficking, particularly through systems and institutions.

The Work

Vulnerable children, elderly, and adults, subject of courts, are an undeserved population at extreme risk of being kidnaped, trafficked, and abused. Operation Restore Justice seeks to build awareness, create educational and resource materials, provide family advocates, offer support services and legal aid to reunite children with safe parents and relatives, help others exit systems that fail to serve best interest needs, and advocate against financial profit of keeping the vulnerable trapped within systems that do not serve their needs.

We strive to give a voice to those who have been silenced and marginalized, particular children and children who have aged out of the systems where they experienced trauma. We empower them to accomplish this through narrative justice and healing.